Hello !

I am Loïc, a Front-end Developer working and living in Paris, France.

This website is here to showcase my projects, and stuff I want to share with you.  Be sure to check my twitter, I’ll probably be more active over there !

Feel free to contact me for like, whatever. Well, anything but spam.  Nobody likes spam.

What ? You’re still reading ? Ok, here’s a bit about me.

I studied communication then Graphic Design and Code. I’m trying my hand at the latest for a year now. I worked with the great people @Wondersauce in New York city for 6 months. I learnt a lot there, and after these few months I wanted to continue working as a Front-end web developer.
I try to stay up to date with the bazillion frameworks out there, and still learning about optimization, performance… I really like neat animation and great UX design. I also like tiramisu, it’s my favorite dessert.

I strive to produce high quality work by constantly improving my work, project architecture, web performance knowledge…

I’ll try to write interesting stuff here, with the hope that someday someone will learn from it, as do all the people that inspire me and the whole web community.


You can stalk me over here :

Twitter, Github, Codepen, LinkedIn, Pinterest, an soon Behance.